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So May I (2023)

Afro-soul artist KAR33M joins rapper TkMN to create a transcendent new single on perseverance and faith. Released on March 30, “So May I” now streams on all platforms.

“So May I” is a powerful meditation on the struggles and triumphs of the artistic journey, urging listeners to persevere and find strength in prayer. Along with a mesmerizing beat and soul-stirring vocals, “So May I” offers an angelic breakdown session that captures the transcendental feeling of communicating with a higher power.

Through the lyrics, I hope listeners take away a sense of motivation. And though the visuals, I hope they see that we love our art and intend to push the envelope every time we create,” KAR33M says.

Produced by: KAR33M, T. Chandy

Written by: Abdul Muse, TkMN

Featuring: KAR33M, TkMN

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